Godot version: 3.0


Today is rating day! In every restaurant of Zomby-Town customers are allowed to rate the restaurant based on their own opinion. You are working in one of those restaurants. Your job is to mix a little poison into the meals of all customers who mistakingly believe your restaurant is worse than it actually is. It's quite obvious what they think, because they loudly discuss it while waiting for their meal. One thing to remember: Customers react differently to various poisons, so choose the most effective one to not waste your poison. You only have a limited amount!


In the top right of the screen you can see information about the current customer. If you don't like the rating they want to give, drag the most appropiate one of the three potions on top of the food on the table. In the bottom right corner of the window you can see which poison targets which vulnerability. It should begin to change color. When you think you have applied enough poison you can drag the plate on top of the conveyor belts. Pressing the bell on the far right will hand it out to the customer. You can either hear them dying because of the poison or enjoying their meal.

You can see your average rating and score on the bottom of the information box.

Install instructions

Depending on how well my web server works, it might be possible to play my game on koesters.ddns.net 

Download the executable for your platform and the .pck file. Both need to be in the same folder when trying to start the executable.


PickYourPoison.pck 16 MB
PickYourPoison.x86_64 28 MB
PickYourPoison.exe 23 MB
PickYourPoison.zip 36 MB
PickYourPoison.apk 27 MB


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It is not working for web browser.  It loads then it just goes black.

There is a problem with the Webassembly build I submitted. As I cannot change it while the jam is running you can play a working version here: https://koesters.ddns.net/games/PickYourPoison